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Offer your property?
Looking for a good tenant for your home or apartment?
Rent out your apartment easily through Snel Huur Wonen rental agency. We are already 25 years in the real estate industry. We focus on the rental market in the region Leiden and The Hague. Our customer base consists of private property investors, property companies, institutional investors but also individuals who want to offer their house temporarily.
Snel Huur Wonen works with a trained team of rental specialists.

Landlords path

  1. Admission
  2. To rent out a house through the Snel Huur Wonen rental broker we will first have to make an appointment for the admission. We take the data from your home in our file and will execute the targeted marketing which is needed.


  3. Marketing activities
  4. By fulfilling your needs and wants Snel Huur Wonen shall promote the housing through advertisement, telephone contact, online marketing and e-mail.


  5. Match
  6. Your specific given housing data will be linked by Snel Huur Wonen with the wishes and needs of the property seeker.


  7. Viewing
  8. When the specific given housing data meets the needs and wishes of the house seeker, Snel Huur Wonen will set up an appointment to tour the property. You are of course free to attend.


  9. Proposals candidate tenant
  10. We directly introduce the interested candidate tenant to you, based on his personal data. Of course the final decision lies with you if you will accept the presented tenant.


  11. Tenancy agreement
  12. Snel Huur Wonen provides an agreement based on the Real Estate Council of the Netherlands (ROZ agreement). This agreement will be mutually discussed. When the landlord wants special provisions in the agreement, we shall take care of it.


  13. Key transfer
  14. When both parties have signed the agreement, we do an inspection before and after the inhabitance of the accommodation.

Snel Huur Wonen distinguishes itself with service, speed, quality, customer service and is cheap!

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